NXT\ Digital Innovation is a full service digital agency that follows in the creative and strategic path of traditional advertising agencies, with a modern day twist to integrated digital solutions through passion, experience and digital innovation.
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Huawei Huawei
Huawei #SayMyName Mate 7 Campaign
Stringfellow Stringfellow
Stringfellow Responsive Website Redesign

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As one of the foremost full service digital agencies in South Africa, NXT\ Digital Innovation offers expert services in the key areas of development, design and strategy.
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NXT\ Awards - Business Success

As far as awards go, NXT\ Digital Innovation focuses on objectives while awards take a backseat to aligning strategically with clients requirements - we just happen to be a digital agency that wins some cool stuff in the process.
Associated Media Publishing Wins Xtreme Digital Ma >>
11 November 2015

WP Blood Keep The Beat Going >>
09 November 2015
more news >>
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