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Cannes 2015: Sweat & Sound

Posted on 26 Jun 2015 in NXT\ Connects | 0 comments Twitter icon Facebook icon

Wayne Levine, CEO of NXT Digital Innovation gave us the lowdown on all the most exciting happenings, discussions and events at #Cannes2015. While there were a huge variety of themes debated and insights revealed; two of the most exciting areas were:

The Future of Wearable Tech & Sweat

Sports hydration giant, Gatorade, participated an exciting debate about the new model of wearable tech, or non-wearable tech (none of the panellists were wearing any visible devices as a protest against the current model), in which they reassessed the now outdated model of wrist-dependent devices, aptly called “FitBit Fatigue”, and speculated that very soon, our apparel will be doing all the work and measurement for us. And catch a whiff of this: sweat is the new bodily function that we’ll be measuring, as we’re now able to understand so much from it that it’s just about surpassed the need to measure our heart rates. More importantly, they scrutinised the real value of the statistics these wearables give us, because while it’s informative to know that you only got three hours of sleep the previous night; unless that info translates into real actions, it’s meaningless and often even more stressful. At the end of the day, they discussed the idea that it’s about creating an emotional connection with your body and how it works; and that insights, without the right context are largely meaningless. We’re excited to see the growth of this industry, and are looking forward to those Nike Smart Socks!

SOUND Strategy

Ryan Seacrest, radio presenter and celeb in his own right, explored the future of sound as a media form, and the unlocked power it presents in an age where we are constantly looking at 2 or more screens, and therefore are never really concentrating on the visual elements of an advert. This presents an exciting opportunity for content creators everywhere, and it’s great to know that while our attention span is getting shorter (it’s now down to 8 seconds, which is shorter than the good ol’ goldfish), radio isn’t dead, and neither is the evolution of sound. He also discussed the nature of content creation, and the way that it’s informed in real-time by social media and the live monitoring of news everywhere. He actually doesn’t plan much of his radio show, and rather than having everything prepped and packaged, leaves space for real-time social events and discussion. Disruption at its finest!

Keep watching this space for more exciting #CannesLions updates, and try not to be too jealous about all of those yacht parties.

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