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Twitter Amplify their ad offering!

Posted on 09 Oct 2015 in NXT\ Connects | 0 comments Twitter icon Facebook icon

Twitter Amplify Video AdsWhat’s the intention?

Twitter have announced their intention to expand their Amplify ad program as an effort to make it accessible to more publishers and advertisers. For those who are not in the know, Amplify is Twitter’s two year old program for video ads.

What’s changing?

In its initial phase, the publisher would embed a video clip in a tweet. The advertiser would then include a short pre-roll in the tweet and pay to promote it. The new version of Amplify advertisers will no longer have to work with a specific publisher as an advertiser can now choose a content category and Twitter will automatically include their pre-roll ads in videos tweeted by relevant publishers. Advertisers can also target specific types of users on Twitter as they do with the normal ads feature.

In addition to making the process easier for advertisers, publishers will get a monetary incentive to share their video clips on Twitter. The revenue split is rumored to be 70% for publishers and 30% for Twitter. Publishers will also be able to blacklist advertisers or categories which they believe are not a good fit.

 When can we expect it?

The feature is currently in Beta testing, with a few publishers and advertisers in the U.S, however, Amplify campaigns have already run in more than 20 countries. Twitter plans on rolling this feature out to brands and publishers globally, but hasn’t yet disclosed when this will occur.

Written by Xavier de Carvalho

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