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Sell It with a Tweet

Posted on 19 Oct 2015 in NXT\ Connects | 0 comments Twitter icon Facebook icon

twitterbuyTwitter has recently announced that they’ve entered into a number of partnerships which will allow U.S. based businesses to sell products and services directly within a tweet. The Buy Now call to action will integrate with e-commerce platforms used by businesses, big and small, to create a seamless purchase experience for Twitter users.

This feature already went into testing back in September 2014, with Fancy, Gumroad, Musictoday, and Stripe being the initial platforms and partners. A select few artists, brands, and non-profits participated in the initial tests. The list included the likes of Burberry, Demi Lovato, Eminem, The Home Depot, Panic! At The Disco, and Pharrell.

Stripe Relay are now exclusively powering this initiative. Their innovative service allows customers to buy products directly within mobile apps. Having noticed a trend in the mobile market in which mobile websites weren’t converting well, Stripe Relay solved this problem with in-app Buy Buttons, which create a seamless, instant purchase experience for mobile users.

Twitter’s goal is simple: they want to further bridge the gap between businesses and their customers by making it as easy as possible for them to connect to one another. This initiative will ultimately help to drive more conversions and remedy a lot of the pain points purchasing online with a mobile device can incur.

Look Out Wallets! One Click Buying is Here

You will no longer have to spend your precious time looking for that incredible handbag or those to-die-for shoes you saw on Twitter. Now you can safely purchase them as you see them in your Twitter feed, and, the best part about it is that you don’t even have to leave the app. Exciting, and potentially very dangerous for wallets everywhere!

Our only fear is that our Twitter feeds will start to become saturated with an overwhelming amount of Buy Now ads and Tweets, as is the case on Facebook.

What are your thoughts? Yay or nay to purchasing through Twitter? How long before we see this feature in South Africa? Let us know down in the comments section below!

Author: Xavier de Carvalho

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